Acetone is  a popular solvent for many plastics and synthetic fibers. It is also used for Thinning fiberglass resin, paint, Vinyl, Adhesives and Varnishes.

It can be used to dissolve epoxies and glue before and after it sets.

Acetone is also used to produce many other important chemicals.

It is commonly used in nail polish remover and in chemicals peels.

To remove skin glue on wigs and fake  mustaches.

Acetone also have very important application in laboratory. It is used as a Solvent in many chemicals experiments and as an equipment cleaner

It is also used in rubber cement and some house hold cleaners.

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Aetone is an organic compound made up of carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

It is produced from propylene and over 6.5 million tonnes are produced each year.

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