• Molecular FormulaC4H10O
    • Average mass74.122 Da
    • Monoisotopic mass74.073166 Da
    • ChemSpider ID258

N- BUTANOL is used as an ingredient in Perfumes and as a solvent for the extraction of essential oil.

In the Manufacture of Antibiotics , Hormones and Vitamins, A solvent for Paints, Coatings , Natural Resins, Gums , Synthetic Resins , Dyes, Alkaloids and Camphor.

Swelling agent in Textiles , Cleaning formulations, Degreasers, and repellents.

N- BUTANOLMolecular FormulaC4H10OAverage mass74.122 DaMonoisotopic mass74.073166 DaChem View larger


N- Butanol is a primary alcohol with a 4- carbon structure a and the chemical formula C4H9OH.

The Largest use of N- Butanol is as an industrial intermediate, Particularly for the manufacture of Butyl Acetate.

It is a Petrochemical, Manufactured from propylene and usually used close to the point of manufacture.

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